Le Mura Ciclopiche di Amelia | The Cyclopean Walls of Amelia
La Statua del Germanico ad Amelia | The Statue of Germanic to Amelia
Foto Storiche - Azienda Agricola Spernanzoni | Historical Photos - Agricultural Company Spernanzoni
Foto Storiche - Azienda Agricola Spernanzoni | Historical Photos - Agricultural Company Spernanzoni
Foto Storiche - Azienda Agricola Spernanzoni | Historical Photos - Agricultural Company Spernanzoni
Valle Rignana - Ulivi Rajo | Valley Rignana - Olive Trees Rajo
Valle Rignana - Paesaggio | Rignana Valley - Landscape

Cyclopean WallsSTORY

Amelia (Umbria), well-known city of ancient origins, cited by Cato and Pliny. Testimony of antiquity are the monumental polygonal walls that surround the town. Amelia Umbrian city that boasts important monuments, we mention the old town which stretches for 25 hectares, with its layers, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance. The numerous palaces, churches, remains of mosaics and spas.

Amelia strong and rich, allied to Rome with status of municipality and ability to coin its own money. Symbol of the greatness of the Roman municipality of Amelia is the bronze statue of GERMANICO.

Amelia city of art and known and appreciated for its scenery and for the high quality of agricultural production. The great Latin poet Virgil, in the first book of the Georgics, remember the attention and the patience with which farmers amerini dedicated themselves to the art of crops: wheat, olive trees, vines, vegetables, ect.


Founder Spernanzoni's Farm FARM

Massimo Spernanzoni's Farm, finds its origins in the early 1900s when his grandfather Guglielmo decided to create a quality chain. Bought agricultural property in the territory of the city of Amelia (Umbria), with a vocation for the cultivation of high quality products and sales through its store located in the center of Amelia (Umbria). Continued activity by the second generation: Corrado and Gilberto and then from the third.

The family has always cultivated the olive tree and has always produced a high quality extra virgin olive oil Umbro, made from olive trees in the selected time, including native species, such as Rajo, old olive tree located exclusively in the territory dell'Amerino, L 'Ortano (Crusher), Muraiolo and Leccino. The olives are harvested in the month of October, by hand and on the same day taken to the mill to be crushed and processed with the procedure at 27 degrees (to keep all the fragrances and flavor oil), to be put in jars of steel and placed in a dry place at controlled temperature.


Valle Rignana - Olive Tree RajoThe family Spernanzoni over time had a strong interest in the good meat and then the breeding of: Chianina beef, sheep and swine. I cleaned and prepared vegetables were sold in the shop of Amelia. Then with the acquisition Valle Rignana Farm of 50 hectares, located in the hamlet of Porchiano del Monte (Amelia - Umbria), valley surrounded by forests of oak and Leccino, he discovered mushrooms of high quality and black summer truffles fine. The dried mushrooms in a wood oven (oak) were packaged and sold in the shops of Amelia, and so the black truffle sold fresh and prepared sauces from her grandmother Amelia, a great scholar of local gastronomy. Grandmother Amelia with its virtues of careful and skilful cook connoisseur of raw materials has been able to create unique flavors and aromas, an excellence together.


View of Amelia AncientMassimo Spernanzoni's Farm has always been very careful to select crops from the fruits unique, rare and precious and discover new and old recipes where the products with their scents and flavors of the land and culture Amerina are enhanced by giving pleasant sensations. Continue spasmodic and has been researching local traditions and food culture that passed down from generation to generation over the centuries, in the uses and ancient recipes dating back to the ancient Etruscans - Umbrians. Where all these elements together are a fusion of, beauty, history and taste. People amerino lover of his land. Amelia City Umbra precious and rare as well as products Massimo Spernanzoni's Farm Agricultural .